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The past four years have been the best adventure of my life. It has been my honor to bring constituent-oriented, representation-focused, positive leadership to the Arvada City Council. And I am seeking re-election to continue being that voice prioritizing Arvadans, leading with inclusivity, and fostering collaboration to deliver solutions for current and future generations.

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I not only intend to keep Arvada a place where I want to raise my daughter, but also a place where my daughter will want to raise her daughter.

Lauren Simpson

My goal in this race isn't the proverbial "stepping stone." I am committed to this job, this term, this city. Arvada is exactly where my focus should be and where it will remain.

Lauren Simpson

The problem with politics is that everyone thinks in election cycle terms. My goal is to help change that locally. Arvada doesn’t need to be thinking in four-year terms. We need to be thinking in forty-year terms. Our future is built today by the investments we make in ourselves.

Lauren Simpson

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