About Lauren Simpson

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” 

“Change starts at home.”

Two well-known adages, but no less true or powerful in their meaning. Hi, I’m Lauren, and I’m running for Arvada City Council in District 2 because we need a positive voice for Arvada’s future.

Why am I running?

My goal is to bring inclusive, collaborative leadership and a fresh perspective to our City Council. I will be focused not just your important needs today but also on investing in the groundwork that will both preserve the Arvadan way of life and well-position our city to succeed for you tomorrow. 

As rapid growth continues to transform the Front Range, Arvadans deserve a representative that has not only the right experience but also a vested interest in our community’s future; a representative that is accountable, transparent and dedicated to being here both now and in the years to come. 

Oh, and about that experience…

Well, for starters I’m an award-winning communications professional, currently serving as Foreign Policy and Diplomacy Officer for the Government of Canada in the U.S. Mountain West Region. (Huh?) Essentially, I support the Denver-based Consul General of Canada (a diplomat) to facilitate positive bilateral relations with stakeholders ranging from everyday citizens to U.S. Governors and Senators. (And yes, that includes city councils too!) 

My region encompasses the states of Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Utah and Wyoming, so I have a great deal of experience building bridges across the political spectrum to advance diplomatic and trade relations at the municipal, state and federal levels. These are the skills required to succeed on Arvada City Council, where robust discussion and finding common good is what’s needed to get things done in the interest of our public health, safety and well-being.

Beyond my current position, I have worked in corporate, non-profit and public sector roles—a broad base that arms me with unique insight into the needs and roles of each of the pillars of our economy. I volunteer my time as the President of the Jefferson County Young Democrats, am a 2017 graduate of the Colorado Chamber of Commerce’s EXECs program for “Rising Leaders”, and – most importantly – I’m Steven’s wife and Tabitha’s mom. 

In my personal time, I can be found hitting the gym at APEX, walking Lamar Heights with my daughter and our dog Zoe, and frequenting local merchants in Olde Town (where I still can’t pick a favorite.)