About Lauren

Why should you re-elect me?

Quite simply, I have spent the past four years being there. I always smile when someone is shocked that I answer my own phone. Maybe it’s because people often think of their elected officials as being out of reach, but frankly I like being there. I’m your neighbor. And if you’ve got a problem, let’s see what we can do to fix it.

My proudest moments in this job have been when I’ve helped make a resident’s everyday life just a little better. Whether it was the crumbling cul-de-sac in Lamar Heights that I fought to get repaved; or the dangerously-low power lines that had been hung incorrectly; or the absentee landlord that refused to address mold concerns… I’ve been there. I’ve stood by you. And we’ve solved these issues, together.

In the community:

On Monday nights you’ll find me on the Council Dais, but the real work is done out in the city. I proudly sit on the Board of Directors for the Arvada Center for the Arts & Humanities and the Arvada Visitors Center. I also serve as City Council liaison to the Arvada Fire Board and the Arvada Audit Committee.

Each quarter, I engage with residents on major issues facing our community as co-host of the North JeffCo Townhall, in partnership with County Commissioner Tracy Kraft-Tharp and Westminster City Councilor Sarah Nurmela. And in 2021, I was named Vice Chair of the once-in-a-decade Arvada Charter Review Committee, a citizen review panel dedicated to ensuring that the city’s “Constitution” remains responsive to our citizens and modern needs. That work yielded three successful ballot initiatives updating our City Charter.

I’m a member of the Arvada-Jefferson Kiwanis Club, Elks Lodge #2278, and the Arvada Chamber of Commerce. In my personal time, my family can most likely be found at APEX, on a patio in Olde Town or enjoying our local festivals each month.

Giving Back:

This community is my home, and the best part of this job is when I get to be out there making a difference for others:

  • Each Thanksgiving and Christmas, I organize Chow for Champions to cater meals for every first responder in the city working the holiday in gratitude for what they do for us.
  • In the immediate aftermath of the devastating Marshall Fire, my Council colleague Lisa Smith and I teamed-up to organize a region-wide giftcard campaign that raised $68,000+ in the first two weeks to directly help fire victims replace immediate needs.
    • I recruited giftcard drop-site locations in thirteen cities across four counties, and 100% of the funds went to help those displaced by the fire.
  • In Summer 2022, I partnered with the local non-profit Hope, Connection & Community to organize the “Hope for Kids” back-to-school drive.
    • We raised $15,000 in six weeks to help 104 local students in-need have a fantastic start to their school year by treating them to a very special new clothes an shoes shopping experience as well as new backpacks with school supplies.
    • We also gathered classroom supplies for teachers at Title 1 schools, which were distributed through The Action Center.

I’m fully committed to Arvada. I want our community to reflect the very best of Colorado, balancing a thoughtful blend of open space, urban amenity and community tradition. My focus has always been on putting our residents first, and that’s where it will remain as we guide this thriving city into the future.

Lauren for Arvada