What People are Saying

“As a former member of Wheat Ridge City Council, I see that Lauren has the right energy, attitude and mindset for Arvada City Council. After numerous discussions with Lauren, I am more than enthusiastic to endorse her for Arvada City Council. Lauren will bring fiscal transparency, fresh ideas and a pragmatic perspective to a great Jefferson County city.”

- Jerry DiTullio, Jefferson County Treasurer





"Lauren is a great neighbor and shares my values and interests in making our city great. She has my vote."

- Patrick “The Train Man” Horkan, District 2 resident, Lamar Heights



"I'm thrilled to support Lauren Simpson! We met through civic engagement in JeffCo years ago. Lauren's energy, smarts, and thoughtfulness will be a huge asset to Arvada City Council!"

- Eliza Fernie, Public Health Advocate



"Lauren is smart and knowledgeable about the issues affecting our citizens. She is passionate about moving us forward and improving our City. She has my support and I encourage you to support her as well."

- Tim Allport, Director, Arvada Fire Protection District




Official Endorsements for Lauren

• Rep. Tracy Kraft-Tharp (HD-29)

• Rep. Brianna Titone (HD-27)

• Rep. Chris Kennedy (HD-23)

• Shawna Fitzler, education advocate, JeffCo Public Schools

• Senator Rachel Zenzinger (SD-19)

• Rep. Monica Duran (HD-24)