What we've done

We’ve accomplished so much for Arvada in our first term, including:

  • OLDE TOWN PEDESTIRAN MALL: I never stop hearing about how much residents love our new pedestrian mall in Olde Town. It is safer, more vibrant and welcoming to all. This project got right to the heart of placemaking in Arvada, and I could not be more proud to have been a part of it.
    • And what is Olde Town without our magnificent tree?! When the wind storm of December 2021 took down the iconic Arvada tree, the Council was unanimous that we quickly replace what we had lost. In early summer, we installed beautiful, 30-foot fir that has room to grow for another generation.
  • PARKS & REC: I was an early supporter of community requests to build a BMX bike park in Northeast Arvada. This exciting new amenity is now in planning and development stages with the city team, and I’d like to see it made a reality.
  • GEORGE MYERS POOL: The City of Arvada has entered into a partnership agreement with JeffCo Public Schools and APEX Parks & Rec District to reimagine and rebuild George Myers Pool as a state-of-the-art swim facility for the future.
    • When I was first elected in 2019, there was talk of closing the current facility (which had reached its natural end-of-life) and constructing a new one on the West side of town. I joined with others passionate about keeping this important facility where it is, and once construction is completed this will be an incredible amenity serving our seniors with water exercise classes and youth swim team relays and competitions.
  • AFFORDABLE HOUSING: 600+ affordable and attainable housing units have been restored, built or are now in-development.
    • These homes are and will be for Arvadans representing many walks of life, including seniors on fixed incomes, families in economic need, workers struggling to get by, foster care youth transitioning out of the system, homeless veterans and more.
  1. CITIZEN TASKFORCE: Voted to create a City Housing Taskforce led by citizen volunteers with relevant housing expertise that will be charged with exploring new ideas and ways the city can support housing solutions for residents.
  • SUPPORTING LOCAL BUSINESSES: Arvada was a municipal leader in COVID response, including being among the first cities in Colorado to announce grants to support local businesses carry-through the 2020 economic shut-downs and loosening regulations for restaurants needing to serve customers outside and with to-go.
  • PROTECTING NEIGHBORHOODS: As development proposals have come before the council, I have always centered the long-term interests of the surrounding neighborhoods when considering my vote. If a development will negatively impact resident quality-of-life or cause unacceptable damages to our infrastructure, I believe it is my duty to vote No.
  • MAKING THE MAPS: In the 2021 state redistricting process, I worked intensively to protect the District 2 community from being divided. My direct advocacy and mapping work with the state commission led to Arvada, AdamsCo being included in with the rest of the city in the same State House, State Senate and U.S. House District maps for the first time in decades.
    • Previously, District 2 had been carved up between three State House Representatives and two State Senators. Arvada, AdamsCo was separated entirely, represented by voices based in Denver and Commerce City. Not anymore.
    • The first proposed maps drafted by the Commission would have diluted our voice even further, spreading District 2 across four State House districts. I testified passionately about how this would hurt my constituents and later worked with the committee to create a more inclusive map that reunites JeffCo and AdamsCo, Arvada, finally kept together as a recognized community of interest.

But the work isn’t done yet. Big ideas don’t happen overnight, and there are big-vision projects underway that I want to see to completion.

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