What we've done

We’ve accomplished so much for Arvada in our first term, including:

Economic Growth

Support living wages for our public workers, including city, fire and police. Create high-paying jobs here at home by leveraging my professional experience in international trade to bring new companies and investment to Arvada. Undertake a stud...

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Community Issues

Prioritize development that fits with the Arvada way of life, and oppose development that does not serve the public interest. Increased public oversight of AURA. Support the right to unionize for all public workers, should they want to. Strongl...

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Small Steps for Big Solutions

Work to develop a tech partnership with community organizations that will help seniors with technology management and online safety. Set Arvada on a course to become more a sustainable, smart city. Work with community partners to establish food...

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Open and Accountable

Dedication to transparency and regular communication with the people. A commitment not to seek "higher office" during my four-year term on City Council (or even likely thereafter!) A promise to listen, consider opposing points of view and alway...

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Lauren for Arvada