• SHARED SPACES: Our public spaces across the city matter, regardless of your neighborhood. I remain dedicated to ensuring that every resident has a wonderful, safe park walking distance from their home and that our beautiful green spaces remain cared for and protected.


  • BEAUTIFICATION: Enhance our city through murals, public art and encouraging “pocket neighborhoods” – which is the organic development of small-scale, walkable community amenities that reflect the personalities and charm of their immediate neighborhoods.


  • OLDE TOWN ARVADA: I love our new pedestrian mall and dynamic local businesses, but Olde Town isn’t quite done yet. As amazing as it is, we still have some fine-tuning to do.
    • I want improved accessibility and transportation solutions for residents who struggle to walk, activated alleyways that are bright, welcoming and safe, improved in-and-out access from the parking garage, and a reimagined splash pad that uses water more efficiently as well as offers more features for our children at play.
    • We also need to invest in tying Olde Town’s the east and west ends together, creating a seamless, safe, walkable environment from the .04 Trolley installation to Flites Wine Café.
Lauren for Arvada