Placemaking for Arvadans:

  • OLDE TOWN PEDESTIRAN MALL: I never stop hearing about how much residents love our new pedestrian mall in Olde Town. It is safer, more vibrant and welcoming to all. This project got right to the heart of placemaking in Arvada, and I could not be more proud to have been a part of it.
    • And what is Olde Town without our magnificent Olde Town Tree?! When the wind storm of December 2021 took down the iconic Arvada tree, the Council was unanimous that we quickly replace what we had lost. In summer 2022, we installed beautiful, 30-foot fir that has room to grow for another generation.


  • PARKS & REC: I was an early supporter of community requests to build a BMX bike park in Northeast Arvada. This exciting new amenity is now in planning and development stages with the city team, and I’d like to see it made a reality.


  • GEORGE MYERS POOL: The City of Arvada has entered into a partnership agreement with JeffCo Public Schools and APEX Parks & Rec District to reimagine and rebuild George Myers Pool as a state-of-the-art swim facility for the future.
    • When I was first elected in 2019, there was talk of closing the current facility (which had reached its natural end-of-life) and constructing a new one on the West side of town. I joined with others passionate about keeping this important facility where it is, and once construction is completed this will be an incredible amenity serving our seniors with water exercise classes and youth swim team relays and competitions.
Lauren for Arvada