Unifying District 2:

  • MAKING THE MAPS: In the 2021 state redistricting process, I worked intensively to protect the District 2 community from being divided. My direct advocacy and mapping work with the state commission led to Arvada, AdamsCo being included in with the rest of the city in the same State House, State Senate and U.S. House District maps for the first time in decades.
    • Previously, District 2 had been carved up between three State House Representatives and two State Senators. Arvada, AdamsCo was separated entirely, represented by voices based in Denver and Commerce City. Not anymore.
    • The first proposed maps drafted by the Commission would have diluted our voice even further, spreading District 2 across four State House districts. I testified passionately about how this would hurt my constituents and later worked with the committee to create a more inclusive map that reunites JeffCo and AdamsCo, Arvada, finally kept together as a recognized community of interest.
Lauren for Arvada